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4 ways exercise makes us happier


4 Ways Exercise Makes Us Happy and Healthy by – Jennifer McGregor

Some people say exercise is the “cure” to nearly all of our life’s ailments. Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, are stressed out, or feeling down, it could be that all you need is to get up and moving. The truth is while exercise is famous for making us fit and healthy, it also has the power to help us lead happier lives.


Exercise Fights Insomnia

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Exciting Research on transfer factors


You may have never heard of transfer factors. But the fact of the matter is they were discovered over 50 years ago. According to Aaron White, Ph.D. – author of “Research on Transfer Factors in Disease Treatment and Prevention –

“Hundreds of published studies have examined the ability of transfer factors to help the body deal with diseases. A search of MedLine for work on transfer factors yields roughly 1000 relevant publications spanning more than 50 years. Of those studies, 600 examined the therapeutic value of transfer factors in disease treatment and prevention. By all accounts, casting a wider net reveals thousands more relevant publications.”

Aaron White, Ph.D. has actually written an entire lengthy book on the subject. You can find it on Amazon. It’s called A Guide to Transfer Factors and Immune System Health. Trust me, you will want to read the entire book, but at the very least, please go read the 4-page synopsis for yourself right now.  

Just to give you an idea, here is what Dr. Aaron White said in his summary:

“Research strongly suggests that transfer factors are effective for helping the body beat an array of disease states that involve faulty or overloaded immune function and can help prevent infections before they occur.

Transfer factors seem to prime the body for battle against intracellular pathogens, like viruses, mycobacteria and cell wall deficient bacteria, and help squash infections before they can take root.

Transfer factors turn non-immune-related white blood cells into immune-related white blood cells and stimulate the birth of new Helper and Cytotoxic T-cells, Natural Killer cells and macrophages. After stimulating an increase in T-cell counts, transfer factors orient these new T-cells toward a target, presumably by influencing the nature of the antigen receptors expressed by the cells.

Further, by binding to antigens on infected body cells, transfer factors paint infected cells for destruction by Cytotoxic T-cells. Given in supplement form, transfer factors can be used to help the body beat infections. Given before infections occur, they act in a manner similar to vaccines and protect the body from becoming infected. While antibodies are at the heart of antibody-mediated (Th2) immunity, transfer factors hold the key to cell-mediated (Th1) immunity. “ 

This article is comprised of excerpts from the book, A Guide to Transfer Factors and Immune System Health, 2nd Edition (North Charleston, SC: BookSurge Publishing, 2009) by Aaron White, PhD. 


Wow. Isn’t that great news?   I can tell you that my family and I have been consuming transfer factors in supplement form for over 16 years.   We trust the quality and effectiveness without a doubt. We even give them to our pets!   

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To Our Best Health!

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More Thoughts from Mellisa McJunkin – Health and Wellness Advocate

Question: What are you without an immune system?

Answer: You are dead.

As morbid as it may sound, it’s true. When your immune system is weak you will get sick. When your immune system completely fails you will die. If I could show you a way to boost your Natural Killer Cells by up to 437%, would you be interested in hearing more? Of course you would.

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4Life Transfer Factor® Products in 2011 Physician’s Desk Reference

Once again…. 4Life Transfer Factor products have made it to the PDR. If you are not familiar with this book, it is one that holds a very high honor for those that are chosen to be published in the book that ever so many Doctors look to for explanation and clarification.

4Life Transfer Factor® Products in 2011 Physician’s Desk Reference

Salt Lake City, Utah (January 18, 2011) 4Life executives are pleased to announce that 4Life Transfer Factor® products are listed in the 2011 Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR).

“We are thrilled to be part of this prestigious and valuable publication,” stated Chad Renshaw, Director of Product Development. “The PDR is among the most substantiated resources and is distributed to 470,000 health professionals in the United States. Having 4Life products listed in the PDR provides distributors with unrivaled credibility when presenting our products to customers.”

The 2011 edition of the PDR provides in-depth product information about 4Life Transfer Factor® and 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formulas. In addition, the publication offers a technical description of the product line and synopses on several clinical studies.

Brent Vaughan, 4Life Director of Health Information Systems: “This professional listing gives 4Life Transfer Factor an additional boost in the scientific community, and helps strengthen every distributor’s position as an exclusive leader in the distribution of Transfer Factor products.”

4Life has offices on five continents to service a global network of independent distributors through science, success, and service.

More Thoughts from Mellisa McJunkin – Health and Wellness Advocate

Question: What are you without an immune system?
Answer: You are dead.

As morbid as it may sound, it’s true. When your immune system is weak you will get sick. When your immune system completely fails you will die.

If I could show you a way to boost your Natural Killer Cells by up to 437%, would you be interested in hearing more? Of course you would.

Get Healthy and Wise with  Extreme Health 4Life

9 Anti Aging Benefits of Water

English: Water fountain found in a small Swiss...

Water fountain found in a small Swiss village. They are used as a drinking water source for people and cattle. Almost every Alpine village has such a water source.

Water is an extremely important  anti aging nutrient for the body. Without any water to drink you would probably only survive about 10 days, if your lucky. Besides just quenching our thirst, it can do a number of things in your body to help fight the aging process. Experts say the average person should drink about 64 ounces of water per day, other experts say you should drink 1 ounce for every 1 pound of body weight. Regardless of the number you use, most of us do not consume nearly enough water throughout the day to really reap the tremendous benefits that clean, fresh water can give us.


There are nine ways water can help us fight the aging process;


Feeds and cleans the cells.
Water moves in and out of the cells on a constant basis. This process helps dissolve nutrients and carries them where they need to go and it carries waste out of the body. Water also feeds your cells to you give you the energy you need. Before grabbing that next cup of coffee or expensive “energy drink”, try downing a big glass of water instead.


Improves the digestive process
Water works much like oil does in a machine; keeping it running smooth. Without it our digestive processes tend to slow down and get sluggish. This can cause a digestive “back up” so to speak or in other words, constipation. Water can also help with heart burn. When acid the acid in the stomach rises into the esophagus, a harsh burning sensation will occur. Water will help wash that acid out, allowing the stomach to do it’s job.


Maintains an even body temperature
Whether its extreme heat or extreme cold, water is a crucial element to helping your body temperature stay out of the danger zone. In extreme heat our bodies sweat, causing a loss of a lot of water. Not only will water help keep your body temperature from over heating, causing heat stroke, it will also help prevent serious dehydration. In cold weather, hypothermia is just as serious as heatstroke. Nurses in an Alaskan Hospital have said that dehydration is the number one cause of frostbrite.


Helps the body heal
After surgery, the body will tend to retain water to help itself heal. By drinking lots of extra water, this process will be amplified. Water will also help flush viruses and infections out of the body.


Lubricates and cushions the joints.
Water molecules don’t like to be crowded too close together. Because of this, water molecules will spread out, forming a cushion that helps lubricate the joints. Sufferers of diseases like arthritis and gout can really feel the benefit of an abundance of water in their diet. Besides cushioning the joints, water also acts like a shock absorber inside the eyes and within the spinal cord.


Makes the skin soft and smooth.
Water is very important for skin to be soft and smooth. Without enough water the skin will more easily wrinkle and dry out. Water makes the skin more elastic. However too much of a good thing can be a bit harmful as well. Soaking in a hot bath or hot tub for too long will strip the natural oils out of the skin. These oils are what helps keep the moisture in. Spritzing your face with a little water is great for a little pick me up. Using a humidifier in dryer climates is very beneficial for the skin as well.


Kidney and Gallstnes no more.
Water helps flush waste and impurities from the body. Enough water circulating through the body should be enough to help combat the formation of kidney and gall stones, especially. Gallstones are created when the bile secreted by the liver does not contain enough water. Drinking plenty of water will keep these two organs working with ease.


Weight not
Although there is a difference of opinion by some experts regarding drinking water before meals, the general consensus is that drinking some water before a meal will cause you too feel more full, thereby eating less at each meal. Drinking water will give you more energy to do a little extra exercise too.


Germs be gone.
Water isn’t just for the inside of the body. The best way to rid the germs lurking on your hands, is with a good soap and water washing. Fewer germs, means less sickness and disesease.


Water makes up more than 60 percent of our body weight, and without enough water, other nutrients in the form of food or supplement will have a hard time being assimilated quickly and efficiently. Have you every stopped to think about how much water you drink in a day? Is it enough to accomplish the important task your body has that require adequate water to effectively hit the mark? Drinking water only when your feel thirsty is not a good way to judge whether or not you are drinking enough water.


The fact of the matter is, by the time your brain signals your body to trigger a thirst response, you have already gone into slight dehydration. Remember to drink at least 64 ounces of clean, fresh water everyday to help fight the many signs of aging, increase your energy level and stave off certain diseases.


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More Thoughts from Mellisa McJunkin


Question: What are you without an immune system?
Answer: You are dead.


As morbid as it may sound, it’s true. When your immune system is weak you will get sick. When your immune system completely fails you will die.


If I could show you a way to not ONLY strengthen, fortify, and boost but ALSO educate your Immune System now with the ONE and ONLY patent protected product on the market proven effective in 100% of subjects tested to raise the level of IaG Antibodies by an average of 73% and boost your Natural Killer Cells by up to 437%, would you be interested in hearing more? Of course you would.


Well then, what are you waiting for? More sickness and disease to take over? Good Health is not expensive, it’s priceless. Wouldn’t you say?


Get Healthy and Wise with  Extreme Health 4Life



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