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How Nutrients Can Help Repair Damage Done By Smoking

stop smokingIf you have recently quit smoking, or if you are getting ready to embark on a smoking cessation program – congratulations! You have taken the first steps to improved health and a longer, happier life.

Years of smoking can take quite a toll on your physiology and appearance. Among other things, excessive smoking causes the production of harmful free radicals in the body.  According to scientists; Read the rest of this entry »

The Health Benefits Of Adding More Green To Your Home

How To Add Green To Your Home

How To Add Green To Your Home

Today I’m honored to be sharing a guest post from Bryn Huntpalmer, author and editor over at Modernize.com.  She will be sharing with us the health benefits of adding more greenery to our homes.  I’m sure you will enjoy it!


How To Add More Green To Your Home
By Bryn Huntpalmer

Adding some plant life to your home will lift your spirits and bring more life to your interior. Splashes of green here and there will create a warmth inside of your home that can only be brought from caring for another living thing. Read the rest of this entry »

How Transfer Factors Can Treat and Prevent Disease

I just finished reading a 4 page white paper on the use and effectiveness of Transfer Factors called

Research on Transfer Factors in

Disease Treatment and Prevention

transfer factorsby Aaron White, PhD

If you want to read the paper yourself you can. Just click the title above to be taken to the online pdf. Otherwise, here is what Dr. White said in his summary.

Research strongly suggests that transfer factors are effective for helping the body beat an array of disease states that involve faulty or overloaded immune function and can prevent infections before they occur.

Transfer factors seem to prime the body for battle against intracellular pathogens, like viruses, mycobacteria and cell wall deficient bacteria, and help squash infections before they can take root.

Transfer factors turn non-immune-related white blood cells into immune-related white blood cells and stimulate the birth of new Helper and Cytotoxic T-cells, Natural Killer cells and macrophages. After stimulating an increase in T-cell counts, transfer factors orient these new T-cells toward a target, presumably by influencing the nature of the antigen receptors expressed by the cells.

Further, by binding to antigens on infected body cells, transfer factors paint infected cells for destruction by Cytotoxic T-cells. Given in supplement form, transfer factors can be used to help the body beat infections. Given before infections occur, they act in a manner similar to vaccines and protect the body from becoming infected. While antibodies are at the heart of antibody-mediated (Th2) immunity, transfer factors hold the key to cell-mediated (Th1) immunity. “

Wow. Isn’t that great news?   You may have never heard of transfer factors. But the fact of the matter is they were discovered over 50 years ago.   Dr. White does not recommend any specific brand of transfer factors, but I do, because my family and I have been using transfer factors from 4Life Research for over 13 years.   We trust their quality and effectiveness without a doubt. We even use them on our pets!   Go here to find out more.


To Our Best Health!

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More Thoughts from Mellisa McJunkin – Health and Wellness Advocate

Question: What are you without an immune system?

Answer: You are dead.

As morbid as it may sound, it’s true. When your immune system is weak you will get sick. When your immune system completely fails you will die. If I could show you a way to boost your Natural Killer Cells by up to 437%, would you be interested in hearing more? Of course you would.

Get Healthy and Wise with  Extreme Health 4Life

Do Antidepressants Worsen the Long-term Course of Depression? Giovanni Fava Pushes the Debate Forward

See on Scoop.itHealth and Wealth News To Use

The research on antidepressants and poor long-term outcomes.

Mellisa McJunkin‘s insight:

This is a must read. Here is an excerpt. Please be sure to click the link below to be taken to the article that was published by Psychology Today.


"Here is a sampling of what he found in the research literature:

• After six months of antidepressant treatment, the drugs "generally fail to protect" against a return of depressive symptoms. (In other words, maintenance treatment is ineffective, compared to placebo.)

• Two-thirds of patients maintained on antidepressants suffer from "residual symptoms," with "anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, cognitive impairment, and irritability the most commonly reported."

• As patients are switched from one antidepressant to another or to a polypharmacy regimen, their illness may be propelled "into a refractory phase, characterized by low remission, high relapse and high intolerance."

• Antidepressants increase the risk of a "switch" into mania, and thus into bipolar illness. Antidepressants also increase the risk that bipolar patients will become rapid cyclers, and that bipolar patients will develop a syndrome dubbed "Chronic Irritable Dysphoria."


The good news is……there is a better way to treat depression. And that is to get to one or more of the root causes. One things that stops depression in it’s tracks and promotes healing is nutrition. Specifically bioavailable micronutrients. Go to http://www.qsciences.digi-info-broker.com for more information on that.


Micronutrients have been used for decades by Functional Medicine doctors. It’s time the psych industry wake up and smell stench of anti-depressants


Enjoy the day.



See on www.psychologytoday.com


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