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15+ Free Nutrient Therapy Videos

I just got this press release from Orthomolecular.org so I wanted to get it right out to you. They have put together a list of access to FREE Nutrition Therapy Videos. Now is a good time to learn more about nutrition-based treatment of disease. Be sure to BOOKMARK this page! 

THAT VITAMIN MOVIE: Free screening until January 18.

The world’s first feature-length documentary on vitamin therapy, already seen by over a million people, is now available for viewing free of charge. This film is completely independent, having received no funding whatsoever from the health products industry.

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The Missing Ingredient for Good Health (even for Cancer patients)

Digest Enzyme TherapyHis name is Lee Euler. He is the publisher of a number of Special Reports on alternative cancer treatments, including:

* Natural Cancer Remedies that Work

* Cancer Defeated:  How Rich and Poor Alike Get Well in Foreign Clinics

*The Oxygen Miracle

He’s been writing and publishing alternative health information for nearly 20 years, and he thought he’d seen it all.  He was wrong.  He was shocked to find out that something this important was overlooked by almost everybody.

It just goes to show how much we have to learn about all the nutrients we need for good health.  As he found out, only a select few doctors know about this important discovery…and it’s called THE MISSING INGREDIENT!

With this information, you will learn why most health foods are a waste of money! And the real reason you can take vitamins, minerals, and herbs by the handful and still suffer poor health.

I highly encourage you Click over there to Check it out!


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