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What is Sick Building Syndrome? Is it real?

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome

What Is Sick Building Syndrome?

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a term that was coined to describe a building (commercial or residential) which causes the occupants to experience acute symptoms of sickness (respiratory problems and rash for instance) that often go away when they are not inside of the building.

The indoor air quality in these buildings is often a temporary condition, but sometimes it can be long term. Read the rest of this entry »

How to avoid the top 5 perils of summer

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Corey Parrish)

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Corey Parrish)

Summertime fun is nearly upon us what could be so perilous about that? Perhaps the long winter and short spring were enough to cause us to forget some of the dangers so let’s review the top five perils and how to deal with them safely, effectively and economically. Read the rest of this entry »

Addictions, Empathy And Altruism – What We Can Learn From Our Animal Friends

Activation of Brain Region Predicts Altruism.Empathy And Altruism – What We Can Learn From Our Animal Friends

-By A. Scott Roberts

The 12th step of AA asks for recovering addicts to share their experience and help others in the addiction trap. An important aspect of recovery is positive socialization which is now understood as being evolutionarily adaptive. We may often think that being altruistic always comes from feelings of empathy. But research indicates that there is more to consider. Read the rest of this entry »

6 Must-Do’s Before Medicating Your Child For ADHD

What-To-Do-Before-Treating-ADHD-With-Presrciption-Drugs-holistichealthnaturally.com_-826x432The fact of the matter is more than 4 million children are medicated with potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals designed only to treat “unwanted behavioral symptoms” as the result of an ADHD diagnosis.

Many Doctors believe that this scenario is creating a generation of kids that may never know true health and wellness of the mind/brain, body and spirit.  I would have to agree. But this can be changed. Read the rest of this entry »


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