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How Disinfectants Promote Growth of Superbugs

disenfectantsThe discussion of using too many disinfectants has been going for years. Below you will read an excerpt from Dr. Mercola from 2009. 

It just seems like we haven’t listened, cared or headed the warning and now, perhaps more than ever we have created Super Bugs that are not only more virulent but also more clever in their mutagenic process.  Read the rest of this entry »

Have cancer? Think fungus until proven otherwise

Fungus? Really? YES! Really.

I know, I know, most people don’t even want to think about mold and fungus, let alone talk about it. But I am here to tell you, it’s the silent killer.


Because the medical community  knows zip, nada, zilch about ALL of the diseases and disorders that can be linked to fungus and the poisons they emit, called mycotoxins. And no I am not talking about a mere toe nail fungus or yeast infection.

Read the rest of this entry »

6 Must-Do’s Before Medicating Your Child For ADHD

What-To-Do-Before-Treating-ADHD-With-Presrciption-Drugs-holistichealthnaturally.com_-826x432The fact of the matter is more than 4 million children are medicated with potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals designed only to treat “unwanted behavioral symptoms” as the result of an ADHD diagnosis.

Many Doctors believe that this scenario is creating a generation of kids that may never know true health and wellness of the mind/brain, body and spirit.  I would have to agree. But this can be changed. Read the rest of this entry »

How Transfer Factors Can Treat and Prevent Disease

I just finished reading a 4 page white paper on the use and effectiveness of Transfer Factors called

Research on Transfer Factors in

Disease Treatment and Prevention

transfer factorsby Aaron White, PhD

If you want to read the paper yourself you can. Just click the title above to be taken to the online pdf. Otherwise, here is what Dr. White said in his summary.

Research strongly suggests that transfer factors are effective for helping the body beat an array of disease states that involve faulty or overloaded immune function and can prevent infections before they occur.

Transfer factors seem to prime the body for battle against intracellular pathogens, like viruses, mycobacteria and cell wall deficient bacteria, and help squash infections before they can take root.

Transfer factors turn non-immune-related white blood cells into immune-related white blood cells and stimulate the birth of new Helper and Cytotoxic T-cells, Natural Killer cells and macrophages. After stimulating an increase in T-cell counts, transfer factors orient these new T-cells toward a target, presumably by influencing the nature of the antigen receptors expressed by the cells.

Further, by binding to antigens on infected body cells, transfer factors paint infected cells for destruction by Cytotoxic T-cells. Given in supplement form, transfer factors can be used to help the body beat infections. Given before infections occur, they act in a manner similar to vaccines and protect the body from becoming infected. While antibodies are at the heart of antibody-mediated (Th2) immunity, transfer factors hold the key to cell-mediated (Th1) immunity. “

Wow. Isn’t that great news?   You may have never heard of transfer factors. But the fact of the matter is they were discovered over 50 years ago.   Dr. White does not recommend any specific brand of transfer factors, but I do, because my family and I have been using transfer factors from 4Life Research for over 13 years.   We trust their quality and effectiveness without a doubt. We even use them on our pets!   Go here to find out more.


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