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How To Inspire Your Mental And Physical Fitness

mental fitness

Inspiring Mental Fitness

Mental fitness starts with paying attention to the thoughts that you entertain on a daily basis. What are you thinking about most of the time? Are you aware of your thinking patterns? What are you thinking about when you first wake in the morning? What are you thinking about at night just before you go to sleep? Are you hanging on to old negative thoughts?

 Whatever you think about most of the time is what you are going to get. Let’s get mentally fit by thinking thoughts that we wish to think….thoughts that make us feel good….positive thoughts! Thinking positive thoughts on how we want our lives to be is the place to start. Imagining ourselves as already having accomplished our goal is the way. Visualize yourself in our own mind (imagination) as having already accomplished your goal….then take action! This is the way to your mental fitness!

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Why Having A Balanced Brain Is The Secret To Addiction Recovery

limbic system

Having a Balanced Brain is the Secret to Addiction Recovery

-By A. Scott Roberts
M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, Addiction Specialist

The brain contains around 100 billion neurons that communicate to each other by means of neurotransmitters, which are tiny molecules.

There are groups of neurons that have specialized functions that are organized into the multiple structures in the brain. In order for the brain to function at an optimal level, the neurons must maintain homeostasis – or an internal balance – among their constituent neurons and other brain structures.1

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6 Natural Health Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinegarPlease welcome my Guest Blogger, Bryn Huntpalmer from Modernize.Today she’s going to share with us their favorite health uses of a simple ingredient we ALL should have plenty of in our homes; Apple Cider Vinegar.

Natural Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an incredibly helpful product to keep around the house thanks to its many different benefits and uses. Not only does it work as an effective food preservative due to its powerful antimicrobial properties, but it also happens to work well as a basic household cleaner for counter surfaces, sinks, floors, windows and walls. Modernize is particularly fond of apple cider vinegar for it’s natural health uses and benefits as well—here’s a list of our favorites: Read the rest of this entry »

Why most addicts do not need expensive treatment plans

Most Addicts Obtain Sobriety Without Expensive Options

-By A. Scott Roberts
M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, Addiction Specialist

Repeated research tells us that most addicts who achieved long-term abstinence actually do it on their own without common or luxurious treatment facilities.1, 2

One study examined the prevalent heroin use among soldiers in Vietnam. When the soldiers returned home, they gave up their addiction completely and abruptly.3addicts

When individuals are motivated to make the change, not only is it more successful, but also long-term. Evoking this motivation to change is crucial.

A problem with common addiction treatment is the use of confrontation. Many people have the perception that addicts are always in a state of denial. This is not always the case…

Confrontation actually increases an individual’s resistance to change. Problematic behaviors increase during confrontational periods of intervention as well.4

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