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4 ways exercise makes us happier


4 Ways Exercise Makes Us Happy and Healthy by – Jennifer McGregor

Some people say exercise is the “cure” to nearly all of our life’s ailments. Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, are stressed out, or feeling down, it could be that all you need is to get up and moving. The truth is while exercise is famous for making us fit and healthy, it also has the power to help us lead happier lives.


Exercise Fights Insomnia

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5 ways plant based foods can radically boost your weight loss

Let’s face it, losing weight is easy for some. But for others of us it seems next to impossible to achieve significant weight loss. My guest blogger, Cynthia Pasquella from Hungry Hotties has broken it down for us to understand how fun and how easy it is to add more veggies to the menu, to help explode that weight loss barrier.


5 ways plant based foods can radically boost your weight loss 

By Cynthia Pasquella – CCN

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Addictions, Empathy And Altruism – What We Can Learn From Our Animal Friends

Activation of Brain Region Predicts Altruism.Empathy And Altruism – What We Can Learn From Our Animal Friends

-By A. Scott Roberts

The 12th step of AA asks for recovering addicts to share their experience and help others in the addiction trap. An important aspect of recovery is positive socialization which is now understood as being evolutionarily adaptive. We may often think that being altruistic always comes from feelings of empathy. But research indicates that there is more to consider. Read the rest of this entry »

How most addictions are the same and how to break them.

The Brain Limbic System

It Doesn’t Matter What Your Addiction is. Most Addictions Are The Same.

-By A. Scott Roberts

Scientists call addictions a “common neural currency” because of the involvement of the primary neurotransmitter, dopamine and how addictions stimulate the limbic system of the brain – regardless of your drug of choice. Drugs that are taken into the body such as alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin or cocaine over-stimulate dopamine in the limbic reward center in the brain.1


For some, this may seem counter-intuitive because some drugs such as opium and alcohol are classified as depressants while others are stimulants. Some give us energy while some make us sleepy.

The reason for these different “feelings” is the way the particular addictive behavior affects non-dopamine neural networks. This explains why particular drugs are more appealing to some than to others.

“But what about other addictions such as pornography, overeating, internet, tanning or sex?”
One study concludes that nearly one in eight individuals engage in internet addiction in which addicts are compulsive about checking email, web pages or chat rooms and are excessively using a computer for nonessential purposes.3

There is evidence that tanning can become addictive. One study found that the exposure to the ultra-violet rays in a tanning bed releases endorphins (natural pain killer compounds) in the brain. Alcohol, heroin and codeine increase endorphins as well.4

Addictions can range from pornography, masturbation, gambling, sex, food, tanning, social networking, video games and internet use, resulting in an over-stimulation of the reward center which disrupts the brain’s normal activity.5

Scientists conclude that addictions have more in common than how they differ.6  Addictive substances are often referred to as the “common neural currency.” An addict feels euphoria because neurons in the limbic system are stimulated with chemicals. Some molecular structures of drugs are similar to natural neurotransmitters, while others use different mechanisms that increase the output of neurotransmitters. The result is the same: a chemical addiction.

Some addictions come in from the eyes, such as pornography, while some are ingested, snorted or smoked. In the end, these things which were once thought of as being vastly different from each other, are actually quite similar.

This can help explain why most all drugs are real “gateway” drugs.

“If the addict doesn’t have his or her choice of drug available, he or she will likely seek a substitute.
This is commonly referred as cross-addiction.”

If you haven’t watched this part of the (video yet where I describe that addictions are part of a survival process) –  then you’ll want to check that out. This describes why addictions simply cannot be wished or willed away and you’ll soon realize that the secret to eliminating addiction is to understand the lesser-known techniques that have been shown to restore and rewire the brain that can lead to a chemical change.

Your Friend and Supporter,
-A. Scott Roberts
M.S. studies in Rehabilitation Counseling, B.S. Psychology, A. S. Business
Addiction Specialist


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