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12 Natural Ways To Beat Insomnia

InsomnaiMost of us know what it feels like NOT to get a good night’s sleep. But hopefully, those nights are few and far between.  

But for some of us, insomnia rears it’s ugly head more often than not. Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep, stay asleep and/or get a restful night sleep more than 2-3 nights a week.

People who suffer from insomnia are not only tired and falling asleep during the daytime when they’re supposed to be at work, they also get sick more often, and typically do not feel as well mentally, emotionally, or physcially as those who are able to get a good night’s rest. Read the rest of this entry »

8 Alternative Solutions for ADHD

ADHDIt seems many people don’t know that there are many alternative and complimentary treatments available for people (children and adults) with ADHD – all of them quite safe and effective. This may come as a relief to parents, spouses, and caregivers who want to avoid medication, or for those who simply want to explore alternative treatments. Here are just a few that have been found very effective for many.  Read the rest of this entry »

Why Having A Balanced Brain Is The Secret To Addiction Recovery

limbic system

Having a Balanced Brain is the Secret to Addiction Recovery

-By A. Scott Roberts
M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, Addiction Specialist

The brain contains around 100 billion neurons that communicate to each other by means of neurotransmitters, which are tiny molecules.

There are groups of neurons that have specialized functions that are organized into the multiple structures in the brain. In order for the brain to function at an optimal level, the neurons must maintain homeostasis – or an internal balance – among their constituent neurons and other brain structures.1

Read the rest of this entry »

15+ Free Nutrient Therapy Videos

I just got this press release from Orthomolecular.org so I wanted to get it right out to you. They have put together a list of access to FREE Nutrition Therapy Videos. Now is a good time to learn more about nutrition-based treatment of disease. Be sure to BOOKMARK this page! 

THAT VITAMIN MOVIE: Free screening until January 18.

The world’s first feature-length documentary on vitamin therapy, already seen by over a million people, is now available for viewing free of charge. This film is completely independent, having received no funding whatsoever from the health products industry.

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