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12 Natural Ways To Beat Insomnia

InsomnaiMost of us know what it feels like NOT to get a good night’s sleep. But hopefully, those nights are few and far between.  

But for some of us, insomnia rears it’s ugly head more often than not. Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep, stay asleep and/or get a restful night sleep more than 2-3 nights a week.

People who suffer from insomnia are not only tired and falling asleep during the daytime when they’re supposed to be at work, they also get sick more often, and typically do not feel as well mentally, emotionally, or physcially as those who are able to get a good night’s rest. Read the rest of this entry »

How Disinfectants Promote Growth of Superbugs

disenfectantsThe discussion of using too many disinfectants has been going for years. Below you will read an excerpt from Dr. Mercola from 2009. 

It just seems like we haven’t listened, cared or headed the warning and now, perhaps more than ever we have created Super Bugs that are not only more virulent but also more clever in their mutagenic process.  Read the rest of this entry »

LifeStraw – The Ultimate Personal Water Filtration Device

It’s called LifestrawLifeStraw. Perhaps you have seen advertisements featuring it. It did win Time magazine’s “Innovation of the Year” award. 

There’s something different about this #1, top-selling personal water filtration device because no other filter can say it’s won as many awards as the LifeStraw.

Plus Popular Science, Forbes Magazine, The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Fortune Magazine, Yes, All these publications (plus 7 more) said the LifeStraw is one of the best filters ever! Read the rest of this entry »

6 Lifestyle Tips For Reducing Acne

aWould you like to find out what those-in-the-know have to say about Acne? The information here comes straight from well-informed experts with special knowledge about Acne.

Here are some tips that have helped hundreds of people suffering from acne. Hopefully, these will help you too:

1. Water is Best

Water is by far the most effective treatment for acne. The main support for this claim is the fact that water is alkaline (pH 7.3) and can be considered as a natural treatment or an almost free acne treatment. Thus, it is best that you drink at least eight glasses of water per day (10 to 12 is better). Read the rest of this entry »


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