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8 Alternative Solutions for ADHD

ADHDIt seems many people don’t know that there are many alternative and complimentary treatments available for people (children and adults) with ADHD – all of them quite safe and effective. This may come as a relief to parents, spouses, and caregivers who want to avoid medication, or for those who simply want to explore alternative treatments. Here are just a few that have been found very effective for many. 

8 Alternative Treatments for ADHD

Diet and Nutrition

Studies have shown that changes in the diet always improve ADHD symptoms to some extent. Generally speaking, the “ADHD Diet” emphasizes whole, fresh, organic foods, a decrease in sugar consumption, and the elimination of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Many ADHD diets also cut out gluten and dairy as well. However, a change in diet may not be enough. There are studies that show adding in high quality supplements of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Probiotics, and Essential Fatty Acids are extremely beneficial. ( I highly recommend the Youngevity 90 for life brand of products)


Sleep is a time for the mind and body to reset, detox and reboot. However, erradic sleep patterns and even insomnia is often a hallmark of ADHD. There are a handful of natural supplements and essential oils that help with sleep. Check with your Natural doctor for the best choices, since some are better than others for children.


Exercise/Playing Sports

With children that often seem “overactive” anyway, exercise might seem counter-intuitive. But experts have found that children who get regular exercise may be less likely to develop ADHD symptoms – and children who have been diagnosed with ADHD may experience a decrease in symptoms if they participate in regular exercise. Children who get plenty of exercise or sports time, will also sleep better at night as well. 

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Environmental Toxins

Everyone, especially those with a brain disorder, will benefit from removing any and all environmental toxins. Common environmental toxins would be found in foods heavily sprayed with pesticides, personal care products, fragrances, bacteria, mold, etc.

Environmental changes

Changes that may be of benefit in managing ADHD symptoms include:

* Establishing a daily routine
* Establishing a regular bedtime
* De-cluttering the home and the child’s room

*Limiting Screen time


Back to Nature

“Nature Deficit Disorder” is becoming an accepted term these days. Interestingly, there is evidence that nature deprivation may in fact play a role in ADHD. Children who regularly experience time outdoors in a natural setting may find their ADHD symptoms decreasing.


Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy teaches parents and kids alike on how to shape and better self control the behavior of the child with ADHD. Parents are instructed as to how to perhaps speak or instruct differently to and teach their ADHD child, and the child learns through positive rewards for appropriate behavior while working to eliminate inappropriate behavior. Skills like time management and organizational skills are very valuable things taught in behavioral therapy.

Talk Therapy

This strategy is particularly helpful for adults with ADHD.  Talk therapy can help an ADHD patient work through his or her feelings and receive some coping advice from the therapist. Talk therapy can help with some of the frustration and depression that ADHD patients sometimes experience.

Hopefully you have already implemented one or more of these strategies. If not, then you should be excited and hopeful to give them a try. You may find that one or more of these techniques are very effective at improving the life of someone you love diagnosed with ADHD. 

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